I wear my shades as shell:
Have to protect, not blind.
Be mute not 'cause of tongues I shall -
's the voice that I must bind.

I'm lost. Don't need a guide -
I am a guide myself.
I try to reach to them, they hide,
Each in their own cell.

The freedom is a mime.
The Eden is a den.
Who wants some money? Please, take mine,
I have no need for them.

Was it like this before?
Yes, to it I adhere.
But don't you listen to my word:
I am a tourist here.

(23/VIII, 3-5/IX 2018)



A fortune that's far beyond riches,
he sleeps

in the grass.

There's something he dreams of. He reaches -
it slips

from his grasp.

He tries to remember, he pouts
and frowns -

and feels

He should have been dreaming about
not crown,

but fields.

(5/IX 2018)

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